Tourism Marketing

TRAM has worked extensively with destination marketing organisations, local and regional authorities, venues and event organisers to develop effective marketing strategies and solutions.

British Tourist Authority                                 UK tourism seasonality survey and development proposals

Countryside Commission                               National Trail sponsorship study

Antelme et Associes, Paris                            Tourism marketing in the Indian Ocean

Earls Court Olympia                                      Customer perception study

California Ski Industry Association                Analysis of UK ski market, and development of media plan

Generale Bank Belgium                                Assessment of European Holiday Centre Industry

Invent, Vienna                                               Advice on a cultural tourism strategy for Austria.

Northern Way Consortium                            Study of the potential for high quality cultural tourism development (2006)

City of Budapest, Hungary                            Comparative study of city tourism offices.

OECD                                                           Study on the role of culture and tourism in the attractiveness and competitiveness of regions.

Scottish Institute of Sports Foundation         Review of tourist levy models